It’s heart aching scenario, when bare feet are walking while carrying burden double done their age . It’s an age of flying in open , whistling and chasing the butterflies but this flickering childhood is enslaved into invisible chains. Birds of same feathers don’t flock together , some of them belonging to rich families go to luxurious School and enjoy diet of various tastes, among them these creatures crawl on same grounds fighting with their luck and repaying for unknown sins.

In trains if they sell small articles and earn livelihood, then some beg too. In small restaurants they are wrestling with their luck , by doing dishes . On tea stalls , also as vendors they are seen active in all colors of weather . And what’s their ambition , it’s just to fill the bellies . Yes they can be seen staring curiously at luxurious cars, peeping through costly dishes , perhaps smells of food invite them and they can’t afford all this .

By doing hard work whole day , what do they get ?

A one time meal ! And also some beat and abuses by owner if they don’t show much efficiency as per expectations. In time of Mr Abraham Lincoln , slavery was abolished and open sale purchase of these Innocents were made illegal. But is this true it’s not any more ?

Human trafficking isn’t in control , the supply of kids , children and girls for domestic work is in full swing . The rich and prosperous, even they are educated and well aware , but still they keep these Innocents at home and stimulate their exploitation. They are hired for cheaper payment , and with meagre allurement of good food , after some years when their time of education and studying in schools pass , they are left with one option that is to work for these exploiting people.

Even in some small government offices , small boys work as temporary sweeper and helper. Life of these children begin in tragedy , remain in struggle and later when they are mature enough, their needs rise and they too want to live a normal life where they are free from all bondage , but they don’t have paths , no guidance and then it’s a time to do what can earn them fast and easy , which is path of crime. Not all of them , but yes , some of them choose this way .

Who are responsible for that, when they were educated this way , their brain couldn’t develop, they couldn’t be high ambitious, nor they could aim anything . Who made them so much hollow , dummy and dumb . It’s society and such silly thinking of people who wanted work at low cost . They made these tiny hearts their capital and used them as they want . After repeated use , these children start thinking as their owners ask them to think ,they see what their owns let them see.

It’s not just child labor, it’s one society they build where their contribution is nil. They are those who aren’t given opportunity to mix with people and get socialized with others , as they are considered ‘others’ and downtrodden . Higher classes keep they stray and far . They are ignored as obnoxious being .

It’s an infectious evil , expanding day by day and consuming major part of our society . Being united , free and independent country but these countrymen aren’t free. Not even they are offered freedom and holiday on holy and festive occasions

They deserve a life of human being , they need to be treated with humanity which may be decaying in some of us. This greed for getting job done in less and cheaper price, causing our down fall. We don’t have any right to snatch others rights of living , laughing and enjoying . Everyone is free spirit and he should be allowed to live as he wants in humanity’s spirit.

Spare the tiny innocent skins from getting burned, tortured and molested when it’s their time to

sleep in motherly lullaby.

Picture courtesy google


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