Far off places
Far from house
Napping under banyan
Tree’s dense shade
In spectacular span-new fields
Propitiates the weary body
And chivied brain…
Sonorous placid air
Fountain falls of tube well
Causing coolth everywhere
Pegs of butter-milk
Inducing sleep in eyes
No jangle here and there
Cause an ideal place
Lying on ground along
Water sprinkled grassy lane…
Dozing in gust of wind
On wooden cot
Reveling nature’s siesta in
Scented and florid spot
lethargy gesture causing
Arid dozy clime
Make people slumber
Getting them complete supine…
Deserted fields
Drowsy crops
All enagaged in repose
After relishing their
Daily middday brunch
In benign halo among vernal
Orchards of lime..

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