What is intimacy ?

Are we intimated ?

What does involve this intimacy ?

Well ! It differs for different human beings . These queries frequently visit to the minds of lovers . Is kissing called intimacy ? , Hugging , snugging , cuddling and making love in bed , is called intimacy ? Is it all ?. Can it be so small , so low and so minor thing to be called intimacy ?

I strongly disagree , and till the end of my article , you may think otherwise of this very intimate subject of mutuality. In this world every human being is in love with other human beings , the form of love varies in each case. I don’t say , ” it’s pious everytime, or it’s physical everytime”.

I collect the data of my mind , my feelings and off course of my heart which recalls the incidents , events and happenings of past , to witness the different types of intimacies I saw in my surrounding and then I felt to pen down as blog article .

There is one intimate smile , you look at that smile and you feel it to heart . And whole day “you are just in an amazing feeling “. You didn’t involve physically here . But this unknown empathy takes you to higher ecstacy level of life .

You shake hands, normally we all do but at certain day there is an amazing way of hand shake that it becomes intimate till years , and also unforgettable.

It can be a special greeting , a special wish and also some special words that make your day ‘ evergreen ‘ and night ablaze with bliss. We feel intimated , though there is not even single touch there but still we are touched . Physical intimacy drives you in momentarily enjoyment but what’s after that intimacy over !

If there is pain in the left hand , right hand should feel it ,

If one heart aches , then it’s duty of other heart to balm or feel the rhythm of it

If day is gloomy , how can night be in chilling mood

Those eyes see into your eyes , and you are diagnosed, what’s going inside your thoughts

What you need ,want or wish I don’t think your tongue should do labor to beg for that if you are intimate . Your expression is the language , your gestures are the meditating attention seeking tonic , and your face says enough what intimacy you long for , and I don’t think intimated lovers will be such fools who don’t feel all these and if those who don’t feel these they must not talk about intimacy .

Often ladies say , ” during delivery time they don’t intimate with their husbands ”

Exactly , those ladies say who are away from husbands by some reasons ,

Really , is it so ?

While in delivery bed , husband exchanging wet eyes smiles , pampering hand on forehead and continuously sitting by bed , and then maximum trying to be around you . So what’s that ?

What should it be called ?

The day love joins couple , intimacy remains until both’s heart decide to separate . Though you sleep, rest , go to office or even you are abroad . This is the amazing act of intimacy that two souls are connected . Bodies are tired , so is mind , situations and circumstances change too , but still are together in all kinds of fading spring and rising autumn .

But way of seeing things change , as I said , ” it differs for different people “. Sex is called intimacy and that’s it . But I personally feel it’s source of immense joy. It continues, never pauses and never dies once it is born among two lovers . Sometimes you are intimated by long talks, then sometimes by just single message , if sometimes by just single flying kiss then sometimes by feeling possessive , if sometimes you feel intimated by attention you get what you seek, you are flying high in sky , then sometimes by a little surprises but of Everest importance bringing things , if sometimes you feel intimated as you are listened like a king , then other times you are caressed with beautiful feelings full words , if sometimes a single voice erases your tiredness and gives healthy dose , then other time you feel safest just into her assurance , if sometimes you are in cheers , then equal cheers come from her , if sometimes you agree , but you don’t face disagreement too

Lucky are those , who are intimated by heart , soul and feelings . Not by just sex , or you crack bombs to let other hear what you want or what you like . Because in intimacy you don’t force, tell or demand as it’s all about feeling the other end . Because intimacy exists with equal two.

By Parkash Pencia

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  1. deep thought larkyy (y)


    1. Thank you Arooba , for reading this lengthy article and feeling the empathy of words , soon I will read your blogs too☺️😊

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  2. Beautifully expressed 💓


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