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A sinful earth!
Thou treachery soars,non-existence’s incense burns,
Existence in jeopardy
Lie is enshrined, truth cripples
since birth..
Coward senses !
Thou elastic tongue,tasting gluttony
Mawkish eyes in revenges,
Thou barren soul,itself orphan
Hopes to fecundate others
Thyself palsy afflicted,redemption exists no more..
Disinherited peace,inherited pompous brittle joys,
well fed cupidity senses, thou unfed conscience roams in dark,
Fires virtue,vice ye keep indoor..
Thee dive in ocean of merriment,
Others hard fought earned minor pleasures,rekindle thou heart till core..
Drizzle of fortune on trodden,
Sprinkles smile on hammer beaten labor,
Pains the carnal piggish affluent,even thyself drowns in
Inheritance undeserved downpour..

@ parkash pencia

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