Addiction of dope
Begins as fun and relief
Or for escaping from stress
And life’s temporal exertion
Later this cacoethes
Becomes so knotty that
One feels unable to cope
Earlier it is offered
As alluring and free of cost
In school or colleges
By dope selling agents
Spreading their mean plot
Trap innocent pupils
Giving them free trial
Then strikes the iron
When its red hot
Once they become addicted
They crave for drugs and
Find themselves their
Body desiring intoxicants spot
Injecting themselves in veins
Or smelling powder like
Narcotic through their nose
Squandering parents hard
And at sweat earned money
And also their future and lot
Eyes get red scary
And skin gets pale
Once falling in this hell
They feel helpless
As their soul is also on sale
No notice of themselves
Neither of their parents health
Remaining 24hours ebrious
Spoiling their youth’s wealth
Agents roll in billions
Causing hell for young millions
Narcotic runs in their veins
Ending youth slowly
Inches by inches
Causing their families in
Huge loss of their sons
Face the pains floods….

@ parkash pencia

2 thoughts on “#dope#drugs

  1. Should understand
    Meditation is the best way to get relieved from stress


  2. I totally see this in me. Thank u for a well written post. Trying to get my blog to be seen. Don’t know how can u help me.with any advice. Maybe join. Thanks and stay strong


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