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Thee fascinated my fields,
Bangles around thou wrist,
Myrtle on palms,as red as rose,
Dark brownish eyes,shed over,
By brolly of thou hairs twist.
Anklets teasing grass,
Thee hop around me like,
Antelope around scented bushes,
With great bliss..
Walking gingerily,alleway rocks
Touching thou rock,
Delicate steps on waxy heels,
Sunflowered attire, silent, lyrical words,even my heart, gets knocked ..
Bracelet of shy,blush ornamented cheeks,
Gestures so meek,
Sight as radiant as azure sky,
Seized senses no more,
Remain locked..
Angelic touch,not just me,
My fauna feela ye so much,
Echoes of thou bangles,
Sirens of thou melodious breaths,
Rescues me from hollow life’s
Rusting clutches,
Thou taste,unique in nature
Felt by noon,
Imitated by moon,
As walking through flowers bed,
Ye make them bloom,
Ripened Wheat crops resemble thee in complexion,
Thou one glimpse,set stars in blushingly twinkling,
And heart beat in action.@ PARKASH PENCIA

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