Batote of Ramban , district of Jammu and Kashmir, where 5 terrorists made hostage one of our residents , in this early morning encounter , indian army with it’s bravery killed three terrorists , and set hostage resident free , but one of our army officer was martyred after he succumbed to injuries .

This terrorism has become one kind of fatal disease for humanity . This unnecessary inhuman acts and a bad psychology is so much thickened in rascals , and these heinous creatures call themselves fanatic religious , and they fight for reasons .

Is killing innocent a reason ?

Curtailing liberty of kids, women and working men a reason ?

Spoiling peace , and causing terror among peaceful minds , a reason ?

Contaminating weather, climate and atmosphere with bloodshed and smokes of mourning , a reason ?

Making young wives widow, tiny kids orphan and old age parents childless and consuming their only support for no reason , is a reason ?

Which God you worship , and which God asks you to kill his own kids ?

Which religious book you read , and which religious idol you keep heart when you so bullets on ignorant people ?

Are you alien ?

Aren’t you lover of nature and beauty that you can’t tolerate the existence of God made beauty ?

What kind of people you are ? Who even kills himself to kill the majority , what about your own kids , what lessons you give to them being a parent ?

Why do you let down those wombs which dream to let you bring proud to family and nation and what you are doing now , are you justifying with the milk of your mother ?

What’s your nationality when you even don’t belong to your mother ?

Considering all these facts and questions , these mindless , soulless , and heartless creatures must be considered in category of cannibal instead of human terrorist .

Don’t arrest them and spend money on them while keeping in cell , just sight and shoot !

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  1. मैं भी आपके बातों से पूरी तरह से सहमत हूँ।
    इन आतंकियों को ऐसी ही सजा सही हो सकती है। तभी इन पर काबू लगा सकते हैं।

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    1. Thank you for reading and relating with current situation of terrorism in whole world


  2. Very meaningful and strong. Important questions you ask. Beautiful writing, deep and profound. Thank you for sharing your thoughts


    1. Thank you for reading and appreciating

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