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Mercy : Must Read , a story of factual life

Old mother : son , where are you going ?

Son : Mother , why do you interrupt on every auspicious occasion , can’t you just sit quiet , and enjoy your free shelter and free meal that you get ? Why do you poke your nose into every affair ? I was going on very important meeting , and you just like every time , you again interrupted my way , just like a cat cuts the way , and it’s not happening first time , you do every time . You are above 70 years , don’t you have this little sense that when person is going for any fortune earning work, he shouldn’t be interjected and called from behind ? But it doesn’t matter to you , you get everything in bed , and you can’t imagine how manage to feed whole family ? And this is the reason which makes me think that I should drop you in old age home shelter , there you would get companions like you , who don’t let their sons and daughter in laws in peace

Mother : in tears , please don’t do with me that son, I won’t live without you , I just wanted to know that where are you going so that I can convince my heart that in evening you will come early and on time , so that I can rest in relief . I don’t mean to interrupt you son. I don’t feel good when you go out , you go in car and you get late from meetings and your office , I feel deep down tensed and nervous , so just to make my heart calm I ask. But please don’t separate me from you . I won’t ask again .

Son : am I kid now ? Instead I take care of you .

Huh! You would care me , a bundle of sick bones ! You already consume money on your medicines , sometimes your daughters come , some times their kids come , your sisters etc . Every now and then they come and I bear all expenses , after dropping you to old age home at least they won’t torture me financially.

Mother : if they are my daughters, they are your sisters too, your nieces and nephews too. Your kids are always nephews and nieces of someone .

Daughter in law : now see your mother , when I tell you that she debates me on every issue , you don’t agree . I always tell you when you go to office , she always behaves very stubbornly . She behaves as if she is the owner and we all are her servants . She orders me to do this and that .

Son : you don’t worry , we will get rid off this old spoiler soon.

Mother: what do you mean by getting rid of me , son ? Am I bothering that much ? I advise your wife to do things what are supposed to do right and that’s good. When she is on phone and on Television Everytime , I just ask her to look into the studies of kids .

Son : enough ! Mom, I have to go to office and you please don’t mess up with kids ,me and my wife .

A few days later .

Son : Mom, there is free eyes check up and on the way we will meet to Swati( sister). Your eyes need check up.

mother : yes son, you did good. I didn’t see her from long. And yes my eyes too need check up . Today you did very good by doing this . I am very glad to see Swati.

Son : Mom , you sit here , this bag is with you lying here. We are just doing a little shopping and then we are coming back . I will also buy your favorite fruit, Guava.

Mother : yes son, with wide smile, but please take care and come soon, I here feel suffocated alone.

Son: yes mom, I am just coming in a few minutes .

Mother : those a few minutes till today , she has waiting since innumerable years , looking at the gate of the old age home with wet eyes , and crying heart . Sometimes she dreams of his son and grandson coming to her but as dream breaks up, her heart too breaks into minor to minor pieces .

And today that mother is being cremated and last rites are being fulfilled by old age guardians , who do this for every old person , whom they keep and serve here . But till the last breath she keeps chanting the name of her son and grand kids. She wanted nothing , but some love , some care , some attention from a son whom she worshipped in her womb 9 months and then protected whole life , even he expelled her to old age home but till today she didn’t say a single word of evil or bad . She wanted him to be safe and protected and that’s what he couldn’t understand.

Today with her last wish to meet his son, even couldn’t be fulfilled and she hugs the last embraces of fire but her heart’s fire must be in flames of tears , that her son would come at least to collect her ashes and would kiss them , even if he does so , she will be a proud mother . But it doesn’t happen.

It’s usual fact of unusual bitterness of life . The way kids treat their old parents . The old age home in Varindawan(India) is witness of it. And many other old age home. We gained the wallets but lost the legacy of culture , manners, civilization and nobility .

And the definition of love :

It’s just attraction of charms among young, and in grey turning bodies it becomes delirium and intolerable dilemma.

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@ Parkash Pencia

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  1. Today’s situation in so many houses
    But things are slowly changing
    Our generation parents have become well understanding and maintain distance with children once they get married and also arrange for our needs after retirement.


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