It’s quite sensitive article as I am writing on the plight of cows in Punjab , India. Especially the border area of Punjab and Rajasthan which includes cities like Abohar, Malout, Fazilka, Jalalabad, Ferozepur , Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh , Muktsar etc . These are the cities where stray cows are found hanging around on the road or roadside and in night they cause many accidents . In some accidents people end as death and sometimes minor to major injuries they get due to these stray cows on roads . They block the traffic not only in day time but in night it becomes menace for the biker especially as bike is two wheeler and once the balance is lost , then injuries can’t be predicted , what will be the intensity ?

Many cows in herds make the roads jam-packed and seal the conveyance of public and out of these a few American bred bull even cause violence too. Especially farmers of these areas pay for not any vice. These flocks of stray cattle enter into the crops fields and in night they graze every plant and then break fences also . Every farmer doesn’t afford iron wiring to fence his fields as field are very long in area and it causes high expenses. What about those farmers , who take land on high rate of lease but these united cattles graze their all endeavors. They work hard , pay high prices and in the end these stray cattles nip the crops in the buds only . Since slaughter houses are banned , and other sources to check this problem hasn’t been discovered by government.

Farmers guard their crops in night too , but still stealthily they poach the ripened crops and disturb the peace of mind . Sharp iron wiring is banned too , as some rich farmers can afford but it’s banned . Yes in once I agree with banning it , as these blades like wires hurt the strat cattle which is quite inhuman and it shouldn’t be done . Some farmers even put the electric current in iron fencing to prevent from such stray threat but that also I strongly oppose . We can’t be inhuman to cattles since they are not aware about the electric current and hurting the unaware and innocent is inhuman act.

Many houses have lost their loved ones because of these cattles violence because they stand in middle of road and don’t know when they shake their head towards moving bikes and it causes irreparable harm.

People are so selfish , as long as the cows are feeding the family , and giving milk they keep her at home and the day she isn’t able to give milk , they throw her in the streets and roads . When he-calf is born , they also get rid off him by throwing him on the road and in streets and soon they become bull and cause chaos among life.

Since these areas are mostly Hindus , I don’t want to mention the religion here but still for reminding people it’s necessary to write about it. In heavy density we are Hindus here but still cows are so much maltreated like this . It’s not less than shame for us. Even calves of 1 year and less than 1 year old are expelled out of house . Stray dogs chase them and even bite such innocent kids of cows. This shouldn’t be happen when we worship cows and on the other hand we treat her like this it’s not only bad but it’s shameful.

I even see cows injured, calves limping , oxen are fatigued with starvation and even dying on the road side without care and even after death dogs are eating and scattering their flesh on the road.

It’s totally inhuman , very shameful for all of us. There are some cow houses ( Gaushala) which keep them but how many they will keep ? There is limit of keeping .

I would just say , it’s curse for us being Hindu. We are Hindu and we let our cows be treated in this way. As we are responsible, not anyone else.

These days feed of cattle , whether hey, fodder , or grains all are so much costly that once the cow stops giving milk , owner can’t afford to keep her like this and he expels her out of home .

But government must look into the matter to check this problem.

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  1. you’re absolutely correct
    I agree with you
    Definitely the so called “गोरक्षकों ”
    को यह विषय कब सूझेगी?


    1. Thank you so much , I appreciate you for reading and understanding the meaning of writing , among 60-70 likers , I found you who grasped the intensity behind this grave problem, keep motivating with your reading like you always do, stay blessed 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was stuck in the traffic which was caused due to the protest of farmers, which they agitated for opening government’s eye for a cause. Well written man, good luck


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