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Essay on spirit of love

Do you see my tantrums in your syllabus of love , or they send you out of sanity . While seeing my portrait into your heart, do you smell the legacy of my ancestors with me ? An old father of me , carrying old age issues and a mother holding all motherly yet old aged signatures of life , would you mind her continuous interruption , which is purely specimen of care and attention , and disguised as other parlor ladies do when they conceal the wrinkles of literacy under high fibered cosmetics . But my mother won’t wear gown of pretense , nor my father caring in literal words but in true gaseous and liquid language of love . Would you mind awaking for the alarms of duties and responsibilities are like most happy ceremonies for you , when you love me , would you love the colors , weather and climes associated to my shadows and my anarchist feelings , which serve family as the best savior . Would you be oars of this family boat ? When clocks require your eyes to keep awaking 24 hours, without minding the sunshine , frozen airy taunts of winter, rotten glimpses of autumn and even spring may deprive you from some pleasures . I mean , would you mind being like forlorn entity ? Or would act as unanimous angel of existence, and would keep filtering the yellowish fragrance of stake feelings in house . Not least , but last would you turn my home into heaven when keys are inside your heart , and you get the sovereignty of all horizons and vertex , should I hope you to better my orchard of living, and many more buds would grow into fruits and lilies of paradise with our covalent yet pure bonding of chastity , and I really hope , you accept my simple epistle of hearty plea.


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