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Mr Cupid dances in the ” gallant dress of sainthood” , and they talk of Meadows of morality , Oh no ! Hurly-burly female oriented desire walks in eyes , and reaches to the Satan heart and their it silently explodes as carnal ammunition, what would you call this ? ” A concealed morality ” , a coward costume ! Or some pleasure seeking heat erupts inside the bladder of such men . Whatever it is , however it is , but hell of lust ripens among these imposters , and common folk see them as agents of God . Mercy ! Such eagles , hiding inside some auspicious colors, and making vicious to sandalwood even , this cupidity even creeps inside lazy veins of active lust of such snails.

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  1. True.
    First of all people should not trust them. They are also human beings like us. They preach and fool us.
    There is no need of any agents for us to communicate with Almighty.
    He is omnipresent. And our soulful selfless, needy prayers are heard by him and the genuine prayers have been fulfilled. We have heard about kabir das, tulsi das, raghavendra.
    So first of all people should stop running behind the commercial swamijis

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    1. Very well you grasped and replied equally in exampalry tone, thank you 😊

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