Perverts are born perverts ? Or they become with practice while perverting in laboratory of lust and animal desire . While practicing on their kinky organs and restricting themselves as staring at ‘ private organs ‘ as the organs need to be polished by their eyes every now and then , or these organs are bread and butter for them , or these organs feed their bellies which are wrapped with erotic pleasure everytime. Silly eyes peeping at shyness , sniffing the restricted scents of feminine beauty which should be respected , and then ‘ perverts throwing ugly hymns of sexual jibes ‘ . This all has become contagious that it has crowded this all surrounding . The dirt starting from eyes , when encouraged with fragility and shyness then these perverts ride on the nerves and pour insecurity everywhere. Since it’s not age bound , not outer innocence bound , not authorized only to street whistler but old rascals are much engaged in this evil act of eroding the morality and try to ‘ wear ladies in their amorous flesh ‘ and they aren’t doubted and suspected. Perverts are hideous if they wear clean character in society’s eyes and then they perform very intelligently this satanic act of filtering women’s bodies while they cross through the streets.

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