Even after expansion of so much education and advertisement of knowledge awaring sources still common masses are led by least educated people ( politicians). Laws and bills are made which even masses don’t understand the depth and even before they start opposing in influence of miscreants leaders. Media is the strongest Catalyst to provoke the fire, when their duty is to make the masses aware and lead them to knowledge of those things which are esoteric and mysterious for them. But media too leads from the front in misguiding the public and add salt to the injuries. Politicians of all ages have been cunning, cheap and lusty for kingdom. Our contemporary is no exception, even era of Lord Krishna wasn’t untouched by Duryodhan like cunning and manipulative warrior so what can be expected from recent imposters who are more active than chameleon. Its a democracy only when government is elected and after that it doesn’t remain democratic any more. It is self centered and self employed government. There is major a difference in saying and doing. Credulous people are living beings of bread and butter and they can’t see through the chess of these colorful aliens who live among us but to aggregate the injuries of living. Every country has rich sources of earning, public remain as they are today, they will be tomorrow and it continues till ages but Kings, ministers, and prime ministers have never been poor ever. Why is so?, when their salary is fixed, how do they get funds?. If anyone can do the brainwash perfectly then it’s none other but politician. None is their relative in matter of exploitation, when country isn’t spared, when religion isn’t spared, when woman who is the creator, isn’t spared, when colors, caste and creeds aren’t spared, when virtues are rewarded with starvation and unemployment and citizenship of ages is challenged along with nationality is questioned if you raise your voice against the wrong doings, then it can be easily said and seen that what anarchy and chaos are happening. Common masses are emotional and they are robbed emotionally. They even don’t know when they were looted and they are looted. It’s proven in recent years that for being a leader you must be influencing orator and not necessarily be action performer and you should advertise your minor doings as you have done heavy gratitude to people. That’s how people are impressed. Really ! hat off to the politicians.

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