Its a willing orchestra of aches
Pounding with multiple thorns
Ignoring all lips of hearts
Neglecting all swims of trusted smooches
And falling for mere sensual shadows

Given every inch
Whether dark bliss of night
Or lightening hugs of early dawn
Or ceremonial dreamy embraces
I am gifted as irrevocable asset

Still luxury of modernity causes charms
Temporary smiles impart pretty blushes
Street ink is seducing the ‘ forever ache writing ink’
And I am in my chamber, sipping all flavors of jealousy
How obliged should I be to my majesty!

When my limbs urge not to please the devil of interruption
When my feelings plea not to involve the adultery of any anonymous poison
When my inner patience losing all elements of stability to seek you just mine
I don’t know, what thou will longs for such sloughy comfort

I am creature of 19th century
Still holding paws and hairs of love
And taming myself for each season of future
I am reserving all romance, and passion with high urge for you
But my shape, and form must be club going gallant
Or cigarette puffing dandy
Who changes girls, like changing clothes with twilight and in nocturnal pleasure

I am far away from modernity
Living in ancient belief of love is for one and only
Still I allow, digesting my map of fate, which decides the ways of my love, to be shared

But still if love is bargained, and valued with weight of green feeling
Then I am lost, and I wrap up myself into my serene dignity
Where me, and my ink loves the skin of book
Where I inked thousands of emotions and feelings for you
But now, no more

Let the straying birds
Gift you colorful luxurious oxygen.

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