#pulwama_attack #terrorism #army

It’s anniversary of unpleasant murder of our sweetest wings which shook not only the womb of India but also tore the spirit of this mother earth. Breaths stopped, movement paused and emotions flowed like volcano. It was black day for us countrymen to mourn the martyres who sipped death at the hands of timid foes.

What has changed since then? I won’t comment on this topic much. It’s not topic instead its an emotion of empathy which ticks the mind and heart on this very day. Martyrdom isn’t remembered as much as valentines day is cherished and celebrated across the world. Pulwama Attack Isn’t talk of the Democratic parties and media since it won’t get the Votes and TRP respectively. What have families of martyres got, definitely martyrs can’t be brought back to life but honor posthumously really matters. How many families have been honored with jobs and financial helps, this is still pending. The people who executed this massacre, still haven’t been arrested and punished. Its one year but memories of that carnage of our beloved army brothers add salt to our injuries when we feel, guilty even haven’t been found.

We, countrymen of India, love our country more than anything else, we choose representatives of the government and we think we have done our jobs for country. That’s here, we are proven wrong. Why do emotions of lower class, middle class and upper class differ in empthazing? When same blood of patriotism flows in all veins, then why its varying with variety of people.

Today we mourn the one year of our defeat, and later on we didn’t get any reason to celebrate as national pride besides there were some selfish reasons to celebrate. This party won, that lost, he became PM, she became minister etc. But nothing we have got as national pride in matter of security and defense, though act 370 was removed still there was mix feelings of nation towards it.

Opposition shouldn’t be opposing force when it is done for the sake of country and ruling party shouldn’t be that much monopolic that they start ignoring the opposition as minion. There should be complete agreement harmony. When Parliament is said to be the house then why can’t families have unity for the sake of country and that’s where our security is challenged when security builders aren’t united when they make laws which are implemented through out the country and on the fences. Since all parties are somehow ideologies of varieties of people, people sometimes don’t think with their own minds, they worship the party’s ideology and consider right whatever party does, perhaps its blind faith, but yes this is how people behave so security lesson should be exemplified from the top house of our country and parties should lead from the country.

Who defend and protect us, they should be prioritized as our law makers are prioritized. SALUTE TO OUR ARMY AND THEIR BRAVERY, WE PEOPLE OF INDIA ARE PROUD OF THEM

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