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When I see the annihilation of nature around me , birds are exiled to forever demise , plants are already existence of indelible Flora , and sweet voices of vapours are clouded with cacophony of hailstones I am not surprised to see that we are among fallen angels and bearing the consequences of our sins we have done to our benevolent mother nature . A few months back in Australian Wild Fire we lost our sweet beloved animals , now it’s Corona Virus which has been declared pandemic and becoming threat to life . We are in hell of uncertainties while we were blessed with glorious and healthy planet but we continued exploiting this very gift , we consumed layers after layers and we want to feel secured on lifeless and hollow land but how ? We call factories as our benefactors but being asthma for many a few cells consisting beings and many species have already lost . Today rain has become unwelcome guest and it never comes alone but windy candles blow our minds and hearts . Constant desire for heavy harvesting , our peasants raped this earth, molested vegetation , exploited tender complexion of water , dishonored all paths of purity and expect our bellies to consume poisonus plants and love to look as sparkling as stars but how ? All reptiles walk on venomous sand , our nature decorating variety of voices eat powder of adultery and we expect melodies from the eastern winds but how ? When we step into luxurious wagons , we wear pride after putting scintillating dresses of high perfumery and we are reluctant to recognise even our own skin color breed , we bite ego, hubris is in our eyes and tongue isn’t spiritual anymore and more than mouth , our heart eats the smelly figures of disillusionment and we still hope that rainbows should give us dense shed of transparent and nutritious care but how ? We give colicky and sooty puffs of suffucation to our forever lanterns in sky , tease and squeeze the neutral eyes of galaxies , strangle the breeze with spray of pesticides , when we plough and sow , we even don’t know , we scatter seeds of dark future and then we boast of super being of extraordinary silliness and we also want us to be saluted as the utopian personality of dystopian world but how is it possible ? We are being of regrets and living in tunnel whose one gate is with God but we think this tunnel is our own, speeding stampede of floods, volcanoes shower in revengeful summer , buckets of frozen ices come from the throat of winter , winter and autumn seem to be the unique twins of mar , and we still think we are on throne of highest monarchy but how ? I feel we should give up ! And drop our weapons of silliness and stupidity to be biased for our nature as still clocks just warn us if not now then thorns of our vices would hunt us and we will be like nursery kid and facing the exam of PhD , and failure would be ours but success would be of our ego. ……. Mr Parkash Pencia

5 thoughts on “#blog #blogger #thewasteland

  1. Truly appreciate for writing the exact facts. We have to accept the consequences. 😑


  2. Terribile ma vero ciò che scrivi, credo ci voglia solo un po’ più di rispetto per la Natura, per l’umanità stessa, ci vuole più modestia e capire che siamo solo una piccola parte di questo immenso Universo, dovremmo capire che un Eden ci è stato donato per preservarlo, invece lo sfruttiamo senza riguardo.


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