I see coffee vapors
Rising on liquid flames
Holding innocent throat
Caffeinating trust and lever
Alas! Murdered mutual overlapping
Sea of love is in exile
This pandemic evil
Causing evergreen as desert
Hurrah! Bountiful freshness in virgin bloom
Celibate waves in jamboree
Shores in marital homosexual pleasure
Bald mountains in sweet memories
Adult woods wooing unmasked lips of animals
Snowy peaks in sensual courting pleasures
Ponds snuggling with banks
In lockdown! Selfish glory which pretended success
In transparent complexion,
Rigorous scent of purity
So neat beard of sun
So sonorous heart of rivers
And lullaby of clouds
Just hugging the naked blushes of breeze
I am drunk with such hypnotizing brewery of fresh opiated buds
Which roasts airy beads with chilled blows
Gone are the polluted ironies of vehicles
Tender sublime dances at the neck of pulps
So serene laughs of rainy cheeks
Wow, domestic ploughs of giggling sparrows
Whisky sips of young fountains
Raw legends mewl into tummies of dark jungles
And lap dance of cubs really brings heaven in eyes of rays of moon

6 thoughts on “#fresh_lock_down_nature_blog

  1. Wonderful!

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  2. Incredible creation!

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  3. Superb.. every poem has deep rooted meaning and reality in it😊 keep posting, we love to read your poems💕

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