An autopsy of literacy!
And what I found, education in deadly stitches
Stripped off cardinal virtues of shirking holiness
Vowed to be foster twins of dependents!
On easy vendors tough evil eggs hatching what offspring?
What today’s mirror not showing images of tomorrow’s filtering redemption

When milky scenarios got ripened with youth,
biped stanzas pour illiteracy of pickles, poisoning wombs and gifted lake, an untimely dirge, and this foeticide of climate, floating on the tears of weather

Damsels growing,
As face of in books
Topping pages with bottomed wisdom
Ranked geniuses befriend beast in shirking heart
I just see, and feel
Crackers enveloped pineapple did matricide

14 thoughts on “#kerala#elephant#education#blog

  1. Barbaric… nature is taking its revenge and so called humans have to bear the curse. Poor elephant…how dare you!!


    1. Yes indeed, it’s inhumane act


  2. ☹️..it’s really really sad 😢.. I read somewhere that,animal welfare organization has issued 50k,Rs for helping them to find the culprits..


    1. Yes people should be aware and responsible

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      1. Hmm..right.. !! I accidentally read an article about the same.. and according to them this act wasn’t done purposely..as most of the farmers, this guys also use to keep this kind of preventive measures for protecting their crops from the wild…even its illegal..


      2. Yes some farmers here also use crackers and fire to keep the stray animals away from crops, animals stray in hundreds and spoil crops in minutes, a few farmers use electric fences also which may hurt these stray cattle but all are part of life, all pesticides and fertilizers also kill birds, reptiles, important insects also, all have become part of life and what’s wrong and what’s right, it is variable for variable people

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      3. Yeah that’s true..


  3. Interesting word play….


  4. Heartbreaking 💔 While we fight abuse of animals here in many ways and have had success in area’s, we continue in other areas. Humans call them the beast when in reality it is humans without hearts.


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