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Social distancing

People riding over people in bargained streets
Climbing over helpless vendors
Smooching almost the counter of groceries
Thronging markets with starving searches
As famine has just broke up
What social distancing!
When in banks, overlapping faces and salivating currency as foolish apes
Filling queues with pathetic queries
Secretly tasting junk food to their junk minds
What people we are!
Joking our life with tough scenario
Not leaving to walk in chaotic herds
Sucking busy chats in street greetings
Still hugging the pandemic, and scattering seeds of disease, with giggling silly open mouths
We kept female in masks, as they did evil, and paid for rigorous guilt
Still they are being, jailed, and hijacked into mum den of silence
And now we roaming, as insects of gluttony thoughts
Avaricious bodies licking dust of summery wind
No aim, but claiming hollow sensations, as addicted!
To be with splashes of idleness

5 thoughts on “#social_distance #blog #blogger

  1. As always we’ll written 🌹
    Many in my native tribe thought as this pandemic began, look as humans were dying sadly, the earth began to heal. The air cleared in many places, water was beginning to clear, fish were swimming where they hadn’t in many yrs. Animals were celebrating that lack of human beings. And then, things opened up for the economy as numbers continue to rise and people are gathered together now in packs for protests. Surely, there’s many beliefs about this pandemic but one thing is true, humans have made their choices in life, destroyed many of the things that were put here by the Creator to be respected. We all had a time to learn while in lock up and yet it seems it’s all been forgotten..

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  2. I do think the same…. I don’t know what people think about the term “social distancing”….

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  3. You have a way of expressing you’re emotions through your writing and I like that a lot. I wish I could do the same. And as always, I look forward to reading more of your work. 🧡☺️

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  4. I love this post, it was well written indeed because it speaks the truth about everything that has been going on in a different format.

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  5. It’s awesome 😊 well penned 😊

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