#blog #lockdown #nature #divine

We are dipped in sins
Wings smothered with saucy desires
Debuting old miseries are in jaws of virus
Perhaps jury of diseases, doing fair justice
I see clan of nicest nature
Army of natural therapy in jungles
Hopping dancing fresh waves climb on animals
Tamed greed now on ventilator
Some are in trembling ICU
DISEASE justifying ways of god to men
We are in exam of consequences
Unfairness not lasting long
Unfaithfulness to sky now licking grave
Lying tongues to stars now unwillingly kissing shroud
Blood drinking worms, of poor and of abandoned slums
Now groaning with repentance
But I feel clean sky with euphoria
Horizon is giggling with transparent teeth
Sufi dawn singing sunny lyrics with breezy music
I feel tenderness of moon, and of calming twilight hugging for reconciliation
But we human beings, now in court of our fatal doings
Our actions are in balance of godly justice
Our vices losing feathers to spoil sky any more
Our weaponry tongues now in tribute of ice
Its all good, and finest robes of this treat
Hundreds of years we hunted nature with an axe of selfish gains

3 thoughts on “#blog #lockdown #nature #divine

  1. Like an artist paints you have put on your canvas a heartfelt
    Yet at times cheerful description of our globe of despair as our earth tries to heal herself and the people parish. Brilliant 🌹


  2. that was magnificent. really loved it man


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