A doctor who treats corona infected patient,
Either he stays away from his wife, kids and parents till months or if he goes home, he even can’t give them mask free smile,
In a few cases, doctors go home, but they drive themselves to home, and stay inside the car, food is served and placed at distance, they pick up from that distance and can’t even go close to the family member,
Including driver of ambulances, police, paramedical staff, police etc. All are sacrificing silently all their sentiments, love and emotions.

Its not easy for their families to see their loved one getting punished way, but they are on serving mode.

I saw some videos, on which small baby wants to hug his mother/father but committed and devoted to their profession, that mother/father can’t even hug their very small babies.

Constantly working in jaws of death, consistently facing disrespect by public and some uneducated people but they are still carrying on their duties even knowing they are more prone to this disease. Govt. Has called all these shields as warrior, yes they are our guardian indeed.

Its going to be long race for them which they are running untiringly
Even if they feel tired or fed up, still they do it for us in all conditions, and they never disappoint us by saving our life.

Its really painful to see them working selflessly and we people don’t appreciate, in India even medical facilities and infrastructure are of not that level,
Sources and resources lack modernity, but still doctors never step back from their fair commitment,

When we lack respect when we afford a lot and then we should shower respect to these precious who deserve very much to be respected.
Since its world disease war, and this time army is consisted of these people, this virus is our common foe, and if we don’t follow advisory of government by keeping social distance, wearing masks, washing hands fairly, and supporting these genuine God on earth, then I guess in this war, we are TRAITOR, and like these warriors, would be remembered for their courage and valor, and we wont be forgotten for our stupid involvement in supporting corona virus.

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  1. Very well written!!!


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