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You are the best therapy, my heart got addicted to,

And now mending my solitary couch, with mutual imagination

I am bare forfeiting emotions, nor lies sweeten my dreams,

As i am THEE alcoholic lover, and thy love never lets me stay undone,

As thee blow the lanterns of my fancy, and we dance in light of rainbow,

We are in club of everlasting ecstasy, and voluntary clouds shower elixirs on us,

Then i feel as thy love blossoms the youth of spring, and that spring we rejoice in our naked confessions

Though we are far, and ocean is the giggling mediator,

But stethoscope isn’t talented tool to measure my missing throbs,

Thou presence always hunted me as thy loveliest prey

And i was blessed to be victimized by thou sacred bliss,

Love to be loved, in thy corridors, where just thee and me, cherishes as WE, Forever!

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