I am pauciloquent
In mentioning love,
While proposing in my gestures
When i count reasons to love you,
Thats just one

“you are you”

And not altering
When shiny luxury bakes almonds for you,

Still you prefer my ancient beard and moustaches touching your modern modest blushes,

Not being carried away with five star cologne of pretended restaurants, but still you dine with me in domestic kitchen of our togetherness,

But you are rocky beloved with elastic emotions,

Not fading as Bollywood charms fading after every decade, but sticking as Shakespearean sonnets deafeating every brows of arrogant century,

And doesn’t alter even the Eden of God proposes her,

She still prefers native hut of my loving cares, love and cascade of attention, where she bathes in my dignified glory, very much dedicated to her forever youth

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