Exhilaration !

Revelling midnight Picnics at sea beach

Far from caducous
Mundane world’s malaise
Surrendering themselves
In each other
Fenceless embraces….
Sea of mutual scrupulous
Love and high faith
Thriving in rising tide
Mingling both souls
In beauty of advancing
And receding sea backwashes
Leave on heart coast
Infinite love traces…
Semi clouded full
Moonlit night heavy with
Rising tide yet
Softening by gentle
Sweet fluty air
Aptly enticing the
co-existence and fan
The love feelings flames of
Forever sticking together…
Tickled by walking
Bare feet on tiny pebbles
Lying scattered on
Moonlit bathed white
Sandy shore and cooled
By vaporized scenic view
Present both lovers
An ideal intriguing
And winsome loving weather…
Sweet sounds of
Dancing and singing
Moon chasing ripples
Along with rolling
Shells and pebbles
Melodize the strings of
Both lovers hearts…
Sitting on milky sand
Under coconut tree
Putting hand in hand
Letting seasurfs kiss
Their feet and
Feelings of mutuality and
True love seldom depart….


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