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Beauty doesn’t beg for clothes
Not hidden behind luxurious laces
It shines as shines skin of sea straits while talking to sunny rays

Replete with neutral ecstasy
Which sails on contentment
And flows like butter on most saturated circumstantial liquid
Beating the nulls and voids of life
Emerging as eternal warrior of never giving in

Her courage is brassy
Doesn’t see the seasons of rust
Free of being stale by time
Free of being decayed by weather’s whip
She lives in ruins which are her caring guardians

Princess of precious species !
Though marooned on piles of pains
Yet bliss is her best cosmetic
Belly doesn’t hurdle her remedial smile
As she sits among the bloom of flowers

A tiny life inside refugee cocoon
Silky complexion is mostly alliance with dust
As it is silky it doesn’t catch filth
Collaborating with rhymes of time
And she enjoys the nature in her lap
Though envious is walks of twittering multi feathered parachutes.


Picture courtesy: google

8 thoughts on “#blog #blogger

  1. This is so beautiful…my heart melt for all kids and especially them because see the brightness and happiness in their eyes…

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  2. Beautiful ❣️❤️❣️

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  3. “Doesn’t see the seasons of rust” is my favorite verse. The theme is rough, but the poem is sweet. Perfect balance to attract us and make us think.

    Liked by 1 person

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