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Jocund Peeps!

Whistled through windows,

scarlet sober
blow holy conch,

inaugurate auric day,

gentility thou phoebus
my heart’s harp plays,

indolence curtains taken off,
sipping drams of skittish pearls blended breeze,
morns bed jolly instead
causing hey day,

hurrah! yelled finest eyes
may be reflection of mingled joys
senses regroup,
no more roam stray,

Ah,waking from dreams!
welcomed by thou blissful beams,
peeling off my sluggish bones cream,
in garthful bed,

partly night’s dark wet,
now under soft sheet of thou shed,

no more sleeping head,

oh yes !
refined soul,

ye seive it
decanting and freeing
In dual face world whole

“mine mirth knows no thine dearth”
ye rain but rain pauseless
my day delivering a new birth,

Hitherto thou givings
gauge my living,

constancy in thou benevolence
Is there returning of thou service
in thou court no delay
in my hearing

@ parkash pencia

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