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Shades !

Hey ! life how many shades
Ye own,
joys investing thou efforts
inflicting on others pains
and manufacturing raptures
intricate are you ?
or thou wearing creatures
ye like plain slate
inscribed on ye indelible thorny verses

relinquished reliefs!
in serene life no belief
“Materilistic juxtaposition gulps existence till deep”

why ye just look helpless ?
thou disciple
tear off alike beings
in drains of fall they creep
ye born gorgeous even clothless
weeping and laughing
knowing no sorrows so free
is it nasty brain?

or desires of spunge heart
where is sown greed’s tree
Thou childhood and dotage
no longing no crave
painting contentment’s shades
thou middle part
So villainous and tyrant
squeeze like lemon being
invisible spirit dries up

eyes on just having more stay
ye raw statue of clay!
perishable in on blow
infirmity like brittle ye possess
storm ye cause
in same ye drown to death,
oh life is just play !

visage of thee,
just in mirror see
thouself blessed to be
existence of ye full of glee
why so momentarily!
others in same jolly state
yours joys take to heels
so fast flee

@ parkash pencia

Picture courtesy : Google

1 thought on “#blog #blogger #poet #poetry

  1. Life is beautiful when we follow the path of truth. Otherwise, we fall in a pit of artificial lies and find our fake happiness in them.


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