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Walk !

Walk with me
Unlike seasons change
Sheet of clouds after monsoon
Vanishes beyond range

You may flee
But just around me
Like antelope does around
Vernal bushes
Honeyed buds dizen’d
By flickering bees

Vowed ripples garland around
Love juggler sea
This mutual walk

Comprises of birds like talk
Long chatters sans getting
Exhausted or bored

One glimpse sans nictitating
Suavity and naivity like swan
You possess and till death parts us to you i adore

Cascade like love constancy
Incessantly love flows
along your heart core

Neither walk nor our talk
Reaches at conclusion
Bouquet of your smiles
And showers of your laughs
Cure my barren seclusion

In mutuality’s piousness
We in routine get affusion
If ever we lose
Then lose in each other
Daily not falling instead rising
In heavenly love
Growing in harmonic profusion

Sans full stops
Sans making our life line segment
Lets be infinity
Senses know no more fences
No more third exists
Just you and me
And hearts wall to wall
Woven spaceless vicinity

Photo courtesy : Google

@ parkash pencia

1 thought on “#blog #blogger #love #poetry #poem

  1. Very well penned! Congrats!


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