” Silence is the voice of God, by Rumi”

In past while replying all negative energies with silent gestures

Nipping all noisy misconceptions where they deserve to be,

Not inhaling at all provoking alphabets,

Not exhaling any jealous infected texts,

Not noting any pessimistic touch in my mental diary,

Though all data of patience was out of stock,

Sucpicions get feet with rumors of mind supporting them,

But not letting anybody consume more limited data of my patience,

Setting aside all anti reactions beneath letting go energies,

Not letting tongue to cross the jurisdiction,

Not letting my mind to get polluted,

Yes foreign tongues may spread twittering provokes

But a poet extinguishes the pollution of the soul,

Though he writes fictional wisdom, and imagined feelings,

But he doesn’t write lies,

Me too being in home of calm presence of myself,

Not donating my reserved interior to exterior babbling recitations,

Though me not an ideal idol to be worshiped,

Flaws like dimples, i got inherited in my character, the day my mother conceived me,

Not letting even an inch of me to get possessed by wandering mentality,

Solitary voices be transparent mentor,

And silence of surroundings just boost high immune of psyche,

Just don’t let flow yourself to the pushes of guessing feelings,

Parkash Pencia

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