These paining symptoms

Not colicky in smooth ways

Emerging from disturbed ripples

Carnage of feelings stepping door to door

Revolving as needles of clocks

Not weary but in scarry trauma

Poaching of high profile faith

Hounds munching the sober skin

It’s rhyme of time

Never delaying the artistry of excessiveness

Truth doesn’t taste the mystery of mysterious secrets

Complains or Blames

What to expect from organs where heart comes first body later came

Dehydrated Trust !

Dryness in words what to expect from any rain

No wings exist to escape

Where web is inside intestine

Brain leads thoughts into blind stray

Virtue is tested by vice

Vice is rewarded with golden rays

Repentance follows the tears of eyes

What’s worth of truth

When it is molested , beaten and exploited

With consistent self proving tries

Parkash Pencia

Picture: google

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