Hold on
These galaxies of fate
My love
For thy heart
Don’t smell transitional trope

They inhale manna of faith
And exhale
All vague suspicious ashes of fake tomorrow

I fast for eternity
Even heaven
Roasts delay

I accept
Such anarchy
If it ensures
Us our favourite mutuality

So don’t build, my love

Doubting castles in airy insecurities, there is birth of hopeful sun

And we would greet the valleys of fate with our steadfast impatient clocks !

6 thoughts on “Favorite

  1. I like how you have written this ☺️


  2. Perfect poem. Winged words.


  3. Lovely write. Thanks for sharing😊


  4. I feel big brains needed to fathom into your poetry. Great depth of words

    Liked by 1 person

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