Greets of cheeks in silent commentary now

Is formality a door to be genuine beginning?

Left and right meeting with what infectious beginning

Are nerves of physicality to collide for welcoming our genes

What sages of what holiness in these formal monuments living!

Humbled to be stumbled with striking violets, azure , silvery eyelashes !

They say,

Intents matter what veins of character wear in spying gestures

Black-coated, half or semi dressed female organs can bring dizziness in this exhibition

Are we in age of perfections or God mentoring all ears of these minds

Why face of purity is offered in plate of free of cost vendor

You can touch with intentional fallacy

What solace these happy faces provide to already courageous faces of profound joys

Do these faces drive into huts of raining hunger

Do these faces slip into slums of chaotic tummies

And eavesdrop the babbling bellies of uninterrupted hunger,

Are we in necessity to hold on to these formal signatures of meeting ?

Not it better to greet , even with moistened eyes if heart healing the actions of mind

Why to be plastic robot when organs belong to the gathering tools of heart

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